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Skirmish mode

Hello everybody! It’s time for another update.

We are going to start as usual with formal matters. We are waiting for the final shots of plastic trays that are going to be placed in the boxes. Speaking of which, there are going to be three of them: the core box, the Blood on the floor supplement box and the box with all unlocked stretch goals. Every one of them is going to include a plastic tray, so this means that all the game components are going to fit inside the box.

Moreover, we are under impression that we didn’t show you these pictures; the models are going to be cast in two colors – the heroes in grey, and the OPFOR in blue-gey. The Friend/Foe identification is going to be easy. The pics are a representation of the colour samples.

That it for the formal stuff. Right now, lets get back to the game itself. You surely do remember that the game includes a Skirmish mode, where the players can enjoy a quick game, pitched against each other.

In Skirmish mode, every character in your team is important. Even the dumb cyborg can fire the shot that makes the difference between victory and defeat. However, certain miniatures amongst the ranks of every team deserve a special mention. These are the team’s leader and its specialists.

Team Leaders direct their team members in the field. Many Team Leaders have access to exotic weapons and specialised cybergear and it is their leadership and authority that keeps the team fighting when the odds are against them.

Specialists are the other important asset available to every team. They take many forms – from a mad Ronin to a brilliant Hacker, a brutal Uberboy to a smart Skimmer – these skilled individuals bring special equipment and skills to the field. Every member within a team matters and all can win a mission with their pals.

Human Interface Skirmish Mode is objective-based, and as in every game, a good player should start with a strategy for how they’re going to accomplish their objectives.

Before you can play a game, you must select a mission. The main rules include example mission which are ideal to get the action started quickly.

Once you have chosen which mission to play, you must choose your strike team. For the example mission you can include any miniatures from your collection, but the full rules for choosing a strike team can be found in rulebook. The mission you are playing may include additional rules that change how you choose your strike team and how to play a mission.

By the way, we have played a few games in a classic tabletop skirmish style using the Human Interface Be a Better Human rules.

That’s it for today
The HINT team