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Wild, thickly wooded hills, out in the middle of nowhere….

How you’re doing, number 62? Are you holding up? I thought you would’t make it by now…. 4 days, who would have thought… Maybe you want to give up… Not yet? Well, well…

Haven’t you had enough? you’d better get ready with your backpack only 4 minutes left till the departure … Did you get some sleep? probably not, especially through that rainstorm, hahahaha

2 hours of sleep after marching whole day in this wilderness… you keep surprising me, I have to admit… or perhaps those flash-bang grenades as a wake-up call have put you in this combative mood??

Don’t you worry, you’ll have a chance to prove yourself, we’re setting off for a marathon, hahaha . Yep, you heard me well, a marathon indeed, another 42 kilometres… I doubt you’ll manage to do it with those blisters… You can still back down… hot tee is waiting for you… you could stop this suffering… no?? whatever…

2 minutes until the departure!

Your hands are shaking, number 62? you’re cold and your blood sugar level is going down, isn’t it? You must have eaten up your field ration? what a pity…

I’ve told you that the next one you’d get only at the finish line.

Damn, it’s cold tonight! Are you sure you don’t want to pull back?

Maj. “Zack” during the hell week, final part of the selection process for Black Stone Commando unit.

Inspired by true events