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RAID 44 (Rapid Action and Investigation Detachment 44) – in the early phase of corporate wars Nakamura did not posses its own rapid response force. On top of that the attack on Nakamura Tower looked like a ‘typical’ terrorist/hostage situation. The reaction was to call the police. RAID 44 was formed as a response to cyborg related crime the ordinary police could not handle. Heavily armed and armored, backed by combat hackers, they are very effective in battling the cyborg crime menace. The team was formed with haste after a few spectacular failures by the police force that resulted in a high victim count. At first taking cue from military shock troops the officers were handed heavy weapons and armor. Gradually the modus operandi changed into something more sophisticated. The utilization of high mobility, combat hackers backup and specialized investigators has shorten reaction time extensively and increased operational flexibility. It was necessary to counter the exponential rise in cyborg related crime. Although covering wide range of tasks RAID 44 remains an elite formation. It is a result of a strict selection process and high equipment cost. Only the best, highly motivated and very intelligent can measure themselves with a foe that has a reaction time of machine and no compunction.