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About the game

Do you remember Cyberpunk 2020, Interface zero or Johnny Mnemonic? Are you fans of Blade Runner, Matrix, Repoman, Ghost in the Shell? If so we are sure you will love our new game, Hint (abbreviation for Human Interface Nakamura Tower). It is a board game taking place in near future (2040), in a cyberpunk world that is dominated by cyber technologies and the dirty tactics of mighty corporations and powerful governments. A world that is all about the quickness of reaction and the speed of fired bullets.

The game is for 1+ players, featuring excellent models, modular board and detailed rules. Cyber combat in Tactical Networks? We have Gunfire? No problem. Mortal combats. Sure! Operations in Tactical Networks? Present. Cyborgs, drones and assault groups? There are, or will be soon.

The game mechanics are fairly simple as we wanted to achieve a good balance between a fun game and rules that enable many tactical possibilities. The basic rules are easy to learn but the possibilities grow significantly in combination with the characters’ skills and the capabilities of equipment. The characters are defined by their basic Physical and Mental Skills and a set of Special Skills, some unique to the character and some to their Faction, that makes it easier to perform some tasks. The rules do not use any dice with the testing mechanics based on cards that we call CanDo. The description on the card, its value and colour, influence the final result of the test. The numerical value of the card also determines the location of a hit and any additional effects connected to it.