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Pre-production samples

As you already know, we have been to Essen Spiel last week with the prototype of the game and some of you have had a chance to play with us. The feedback we’ve got from you led to the changes we’ve made to the game. It all led to enriched, more dynamic and more diverse gameplay. Apart from “super” and “bravo” we have even got one or two “awesome!” from you guys. ? In addition to that, you have had a chance to check out the plastic pre-production samples and what we can say is that they were getting positive reactions.

We have just finished an official correction and approval procedure and the full scale production of the miniatures range is launching right now. By the middle of the month the production of cardboard is going to launch, and right after that the rest of the elements will follow. That means we are right on schedule. In a few weeks we will have precise dates of shipping available.

We would like to show you all the miniatures that were unlocked during the campaign and will go into production in plastic. We are a super happy that practically none of them were reposed from what we shared during the campaign to meet the production requirements. Soon you are going to receive a game that has the most dynamic and cyberpunk models available on the market. Not mentioning the rules and missions that are supercool.

That’s it for today
The HINT team