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Hello everybody! It’s time for another update. We are going to start as usual with formal matters. We are waiting for the final shots of plastic trays that are going to be placed in the boxes. Speaking of which, there are going to be three of them: the core box, the Blood on the floor supplement box and the box with all unlocked stretch goals. Every one of them is going to include a plastic tray, so this means that all

Hello everybody! It’s time for another update. As it became customary, we would like to start with the formal matters. The date that the games are going to be shipped to us, stays the same; it's the upcoming December. As soon as we have them in our warehouse, we will start shipping them directly to you. Unusual orders (metal, resin elements) are often packed in prepared in a way that allows to just repack them wholesale and ship. An important disclaimer.  At the

As you already know, we have been to Essen Spiel last week with the prototype of the game and some of you have had a chance to play with us. The feedback we’ve got from you led to the changes we’ve made to the game. It all led to enriched, more dynamic and more diverse gameplay. Apart from “super” and “bravo” we have even got one or two “awesome!” from you guys. ? In addition to that, you have had