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About the game

Sleepless City. That’s how they call this hole. A city that never sleeps, as opposed to it’s residents, because they actually fall asleep pretty often… to never wake up again. You were quite lucky. Although you were in the wrong place, wrong time, the fate had a second chance in stock for you. There was still enough strength left in you to come back from the dead. But nothing comes free… you’ve been spared none of it, and although, you’ve been kicked and battered, you continue to live. Though you don’t remember who you are, what you did nor who you knew.

Luckily, the street remembers. People will recall simple favors, street legends continue to be told and fame follows in the footsteps of individuals. It’s time to face the demons of the past. The ubiquitous web reaches out for you.. so remember this, the streets does not forget but they also don’t forgive. And the web can suck you in so deep, that you won’t be able to ever get out.

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